Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wendy's birthday and welcome party for Juan and Marco

It has been more than a month but I finally managed to upload photos for the night of Wendy's birthday and Juan and Marco's welcome party.

This year was special to me because I have lived in three different countries and made good friends. Even in Japan, the last four months have been great time because of friends I made here. My friends, let's also fill the next year with a lot of unforgettable and joyful memory.

Tomorrow, I will be gone on a 9-nights-10-days trip to Kansai and Chugoku region of Japan. Everyone, happy new year..!

Nov 11, 2007, Yokohama(横浜)

This was the day when we used to blame the Japanese weather because it used to have been sunny throughout weekdays and suddenly become cloudy and rainy during weekends. That weekend was not an exception; Bert, Loic and I were supposed to head out to Nikko, but because of the rainy weather, we had to change the plan at 5 am. Why 5 am? Because we woke up that time to take the earliest train to go to Nikko. After a debate, we changed our plan to Yokohama. Then we went back to sleep, and I woke up at 12pm. Then afternoon we went to Yokohama.

I like Yokohama's atmosphere. The streets were wider than Tokyo, and the buildings were not positioned so tight to each other. The city looked more like North America's than Japan's, and this reminded me of Toronto.

There I finally understood why Yokohama is so-called "Couple Republic". You can see couples everywhere. Yokohama is a very romantic place for dating, not to mention that we were three of guys walking through them snickering them.

and I kept taking that kind of weird pictures of mine. After looking around the bay area and the red brick house we headed to China town.

As far as I can tell Yokohama China town was not that impressive. I already saw San Francisco's China town and compared to that one Yokohama's did not really impress me much. Maybe I should visit China to regain my satisfaction.

After looking around China town we walked towards Minato-Mirai.

Here comes a quote from Mr. Loic Nigay refering to that bridge:
"If a guy crosses that bridge without a girl, he will become a gay". (No offence to people with homosexuality)